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Governing Law and Jurisdiction

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How to download assets

  1. From the Home page click on the ‘View’ icon that will appear in your chosen category box when you hover over it.
  2. The categories may then be separated into sub categories. If they are, click on the most relevant sub category box by clicking on the ‘View’ icon as above.
  3. Once on the assets page for your chosen category and/or sub-category, you can either browse all of the assets by scrolling down the page or you can filter the assets using the checkboxes down the left hand side.
  4. Once you have clicked a checkbox, only those images that are relevant for this filter will appear.
  5. When you have located the asset that you wish to download, simply click on the download icon that will appear on hover.
  6. Your downloaded asset will then appear at the bottom of the browser and in your Downloads file.
  7. Once you see your chosen asset file in the bottom of your browser, open it up and then click on the three horizontal dots in the top right hand corner to save it within your files or on your desktop.
  8. If your chosen asset is available in more than one format, please see below for a quick summary on each format’s recommended use:
    JPEGs – these are website and social media friendly, as the files are typically smaller. If using JPEGs for print it’s important to pay attention to the resolution and image size to ensure the quality isn’t affected. Your print company should be able to advise you further when they receive your artwork.
    PNGs – the main difference between a JPEG and a PNG is that a PNG can have a transparent background (usually required for logos). These are ideal for web pages but are not suitable for print.
    EPS – these are large files that are ideal for high quality printed materials such as brochures and catalogues. They are too large for websites and social media, as most content management systems would not permit images of this size.
  9. If you need further assistance, please email us assets@arborforestproducts.co.uk